Aluna: Aluna is the daughter of Pacha Mama, goddess of the earth and Francisco Cortes, Sailor aboard Christopher Columbus Journey into the New World. She is a demi-god and has enhanced strength, speed, and endurance. She also has some psychic ability – the capacity to...

Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama: Goddess of the Earth – Has a child with Francisco Cortes and gives birth to...


Nagaric: evil high priest of the Jivaro tribe who desires immortality. With the power of Dark Magic within his grip, ruling the World is but only a Gem Away.


Qiang: the Bastard Son of the  Emperor in China who was given as a gift to him by the God Quan Ti –God of War. The Emperor favored Qiang over all of his other children.  In order to survive from being Slaughter by his older Brothers, Qiang was sent off to sea and was...


Francisco: Captain Francisco Cortes, father of Aluna, successful conquistador – satisfied with life and kind to all. He is a loyal man and pure at hart.