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The World of Aluna has partnered up with TIDALWAVE  PRODUCTIONS Publishing. 

Punching Her Way Back Into Comics

Finally her long awaited rebooted books will be ready for release  March 2017

Now Available 


The books will be available  In print and on your e-reader from iTunes, KindleNook,  ComiXology,  DriveThru  Comics,  Google Play, Overdrive, IVerse, Biblioboard, Madefire, Axis360, Blio, Entitle, EPIC!, Trajectory,  SpinWhiz, Smash Words, Kobo and wherever eBooks are sold.



Aluna is a Story about a baby girl of native Colombia set back in the 1500s. She was taken from the new world by the Spaniards and raised as royalty in Spain. As if by fate she is forced to travel back to the New World, only to discover that she is indeed fulfilling her destiny. While there, she is visited by her missing tribe’s Spiritual Leader and quickly learns that she is the daughter of the Goddess “Pachamama” . Her journey will be filled with adventures of the unknown. Aluna will be torn between what she has just learned and the life she left behind.

Paula Garces at 2018 SDCC

Aluna 2014 San Diego Comic Con

We are Proud and excited to announce The Long awaited 1st release of the New Aluna  Comic Book Series!  With @paulagarces1 ,  World Award Winning writing team @sekretagent  #AssassinsCreed , the wonderful art from #deveomedia  http://www.deveomedia.com/index.html  and...

Paula Garces Creates Aluna, A Latina Superhero

Paula Garces Creates Aluna, A Latina Superhero, To Represent Latinos Watch AOL.COM  EXCLUSIVE! As the voice and brains behind Aluna, a Latina superhero quickly making a name for herself in the gaming...

Great news for Aluna Fans coming this year!

Just announced, Aluna will have a new Skin for the very Popular online game Heroes of Newerth.  After a year of silence, Actress Paula Garces and her team at Further Lane Productions, have been secretly discussing  with S2games on when would be the perfect time to...


ALUNA is a new 'superhero' comic book series that takes place in the 1500's during the Spanish Conquest. A young woman who grew up in Spain escapes to the New World to stop a wicked Spanish prince from waging a brutal slaughter of native people. Once there, she discovers it is her true homeland, and realizes that she possesses extraordinary powers as the chosen warrior of her tribe.
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Aluna 6 alternate cover
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World of Aluna #5 came out yesterday. Did you get your copy? Here is a cover gallery of all the issues out PLUS the new one for September's #6 issue. By Paula Garces and Antonio Hernandez.

World of Aluna: A conquistador, Francisco Cortes, interrupts a ritual in the jungles of South America and encounters the powerful Goddess – Pachamama. Back in Spain years later, his young daughter, Aluna, would rather spend her time fencing with her friend Antonio than take dancing lessons. When Francisco gives Aluna a strange green gemstone, she discovers that she has supernatural strength. But is this a blessing or a curse?

All issues are now on Amazon for print as well as everywhere digitally!

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Check out the cover to Aluna #6 coming out this fall! by Antonio Hernandez and Paula Garces.
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Super excited for this release. This book has never been seen yet. More great things to come real soon !!!
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#captainmarvel 1 billion in ticket sales !!! What did you say about women superheroes ???? Just saying 🙂
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Hola mi gente here in espanol Acceso Total Nueva York Telemundo giving #theworldofaluna some love, check it out!!

Award winning Video game writing team Sekretagents Production,  partnered up with us to spearhead a special 8 comic book reboot series on the origins of Aluna.  Their writing has created probably what is considered one of the biggest Video Game Franchise in the World “Assassin’s Creed” . They are also known for Prince of Persia, Batman: Arkham Origins, Army of Two…  



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“#1-3 follows a young aluna cortes, a tough and rebellious spanish girl who discovers she is not who she once thought and embarks on a journey to save her father. the character of aluna is fun and endearing, tough and driven. paula and her husband antonio hernandez have created a character you want to succeed, and we’ve been waiting for a latina superhero! writers ryan galletta (batman: arkham origins), dooma wendschuh and corey may (assassin’s creed: brotherhood) created a fun and engaging life in the first few issues, and i hope to see this story progress in like fashion.”

Micheal E. Uslan


“Great Story, Great art, come out and support Aluna”

Holly L. Derr

“Walking the floor, I happened across only one comic about a character of color:  Aluna, which features a Latina superhero. ”

Robert Dominquez

“The time is right for women who are not the one’s being saved, but are saving the world. ”

Carolina Moreno

“The Huffington Post caught up with the Colombian-American star to talk about Aluna and her latest partnership with Sekretagent Productions (“Assassin’s Creed,” “Arkham Origins”) to revamp her heroine with a new look and graphic novel trilogy set to be released this fall. Check it out!”

Richard Vasseur

“This is a wonderful start to this comic with a great character in Aluna. She is so full of attitude and so willful. It will great to see what she is like grown up and how the jewel affects her. ”

Jason Stewart

“The World of Aluna” is a fresh take on the Super Heroine. One that spins the “touched-by-gods” trope and places it squarely in the Pre-Columbian New World. A butt-kicking, super powered, bridge between two worlds who was just on time in the 1500s.

Reading with a Flightring

  “Wow I am pretty damn impressed here because while I usually get to read the biography books from Tidalwave it’s really nice to see them do this kind of original story blending history, magic and legends of the new world in such a great way. I really do think that this is something that you need to be aware of and talking about.”